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The sympho-power metal band Heat was formed in 2001 by the guitarist and band leader Roko Smailagič. After some changes of the line up the band started to work hard and with consistence in the beginning of 2002 when Valentin De Stradi joined. They had their first live show in front of a large audience two months later with the following line up:

Damiano Roi – Vocals
Roko Smailagič – Guitar

Bojan Jurjec – Guitar
Danijel Brezec – Bass
Valentin De Stradi – Drums

They started to play frequently because of their quality on stage but Daniel Brezec left the band soon after. He was replaced by Denis Scher. A lot of dates followed. Heat continued to work on their music and just before the first album was released Bojan Jurjec and Denis Scher went different paths. Bruno Zalar and Damjan Caharija replaced the old members. Finally in the 2005 the album “Fire Of Attraction” was released by the label company PlayRecords. Soon after the ballad “Hey You” was put on video. In the following months the band had a lot of shows and interviews until at suddenly the singer Damiano Roi left the band followed by Damjan Caharija and Bruno Zalar. After a short period of inactivity Roko Smailagič and Valentin De Stradi put the band on the road again. Aleksander Družina (guitar), Črt Kenda (bass) and the Italian singer Filippo Turloni joined. Filippo Turloni joined just as session member. In the early days of 2007 the actual Heat’s line up was defined. The band founded bass player Davor Pavelič from Croatia and singer Alan Potočnjak. The two fresh members (both strong Metal music lovers) brought new energies to the band that started to work hard on their second album. Actually Heat are finishing the records. The new album is expected to be released in a few months.

Actual band members:
Alan Potočnjak – Vocals
Roko Smailagič – Guitar
Aleksander Družina – Guitar
Davor Pavelič – Bass
Valentin De Stradi – Drums