Davor Paveilć
Bass guitar
Date of birth:
31.07. 1979
Presently living in:
Buje (HR)
Joined Heat:
January 2007
Schack Slapper, Warwick, Exef, Hartke
Musical Background:
Rupa, Sessions
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?:
Rock In Rio
Wich band would you like to opem up for?
Iron Maiden
Favourite songs:
Keeper of the seven keys prt.2, Metropolis, In my darkest hour
Favourite kinds of music:
Heavy, Progressive, HC

Favourite bands:
Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Ark, Machine Head, Megadeth, Tool
Halloween, A Perfect Circle, Pantera, Sepultura, Police, SOAD....
Favourite artists:
Jorn Lande, Michael Kiske, Bruce Dickinson, Dave Mustaine,
John Petrucci, Steve Harris, John Myung, Mike Mangini, Sting, Slash...
Favourite kind of movies:
Favourite hobbies:
PC Games
Favourite foods:
Almost everything
Favourite dirnks:
Coffee, Beer, Water