Roko Smajlagič
Guitar, producer, songwriter
Date of birth:
Presently living in:
Joined Heat:
Former member (leader)
amps(head:huges and kettner,framus)box(VHT,framus)
efect: so many(wah-morley bad horsy 1,
boss od 1…)
Musical Background:
various hard and heavy bands
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?:
In a insane asylum
Wich band would you like to opem up for?
Helloween or Masterplan

Favourite songs:

Eagle fly free, Why, Enlighten me
Favourite kinds of music:
Metal, Progressive, Hard rock
Favourite bands:
Vivaldi, J.S.Bach, Wagner, Helloween, Masterplan, Iron Maiden, Van
Halen, Dokken, Badlands, Rainbow,Yngwie Malmsteen, Symphony-x, Saxon, and more..
Favourite artists:
Ronni James Dio, Mark Boals, Jeff Scott Soto, J.L. Turner, Micheal
Kiske, Andy Deris Oni Logan, Roland Grapow, Jake e. Lee, Micheal
Romeo, Richie Blackmore, Gerge Lynch, Vito Bratta, Markus
Großkopf, Steve Harris, Rudy Sarzo, Geezer Butler, Michael
LePond, Davor Pavelic, Frank Bello, John Lord,Jens Johansson,
Michael Pinnella, Vitalij Kuprij, Uli Kusch, Cozy Powell, Mike
Terrana, Joey Jordison, Nicko McBrain, Dave Lombardo, Scott Travis
Favourite kind of movies:
Favourite hobbies:
Favourite foods:
Sea food
Favourite dirnks: